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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  October 15, 2012 12:00am-12:15am EDT

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this town hall style debate, who benefits most? >> i would think president obama gets an asset there, that this format is conducive to him and he can deal with the voters directly. i remember, maureen, in richmond, virginia, where one person in a similar setting was having trouble posing a question. i think it was your average voter and george bush then had trouble kind of deciphering what the person was saying and bill clinton walked away from the podium and came up to the individual and i said to myself there goes the election. george bush just lost. >> just that one little turn for things to happen in your opinion. >> exactly. sort of a human touch and i think president obama has an opportunity to redeem himself and resuscitate his candidacy. >> i want to move on because we don't have a lot of time, but the audience in debate is supposed to be unpartisan
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undecided voters. what can you tell us about this group? >> they figured out because the undecideds are very minimal, but the group that fits in in terms of a generic classification and listen to me is unmarried, white, noncollege educated women. that's the target group both candidates are going. i want to touch on libya making national med lines, romney campaign hammering on this -- headlines, romney campaign hammering on this. why are they staying on this and not the economy? >> now they think there's another vulnerability and that's the stewardship of foreign policy where before they didn't think they could bring it up, but they think these in consistencies and contradictions open it up for them. >> we'll see you next week for more insight. >> thank you. we're looking ahead to the workweek and what mother nature has in store for us.
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let's turn things over to fox 5's gwen tolbart for the latest. >> talk about a fantastic day and oh, my goodness, warm, sunshine, a little windy, however, but other than that we had a spectacular fall day today. let's look where we stand now, clouds rolling in for the overnight hours across the region, could see a sprinkle before it's all set overnight because we have a system bringing some rain towards our area. 76 degrees was the daytime high at national airport, 74 at dulles, the same at bwi thurgood marshall and spectacular day in terms of the temperatures. 32 mile-per-hour wind gust at national, 30 at dulles and 33 at bwi thurgood marshall. tonight skies mostly cloudy, chance of a shower, 59 degrees. we are talking once again a southerly wind flow. as we head into the week, it starts warm but a little unsettled. we'll have some changes coming up in that full seven-day forecast. i'll have all the details a
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little bit later. back to you. coming up they have spent 90 days on the road, traveled more than 4,000 miles. today these fierce veterans crossed the finish line, but their work is not done yet, the next step to one veteran putting a stop to military sex abuse. >> then metro can thank riders for being their eyes and ears and being their new crime fighting website, those stories up next. [ mitt romney ] look at the e evidence of the last four years.
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we've got 23 million people out of work or stopped looking for work. they're suffering in this country. the president would prefer raising taxes. the problem with raising taxes is that it slows down the rate of growth.
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i'm not going to raise taxes on anyone, because when the economy's growing slow like this, when we're in recession you shouldn't raise taxes on anyone. my plan is to bring down rates to get more people working. my priority is putting people back to work in america. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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a 4,200-mile bike ride across the country ended in washington d.c. today for five military veterans, among them retired air force staff sergeant colleen bushnell who wanted to raise awareness about military sex abuse. audrey barnes has the story. >> reporter: the last leg of a summer long bike trip brought five military veterans to washington d.c. they're suffering from everything from post-traumatic stress disorder to the stresses of being gay military members. retired staff sergeant colleen
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bushnell is a military sex assault survivor. the iraq war veteran and mother of two was raped by a superior officer at lack land air force base in texas in 2003. the base is now embroiled in a sex scandal involving attacks on nearly 40 female retrouts. >> during this -- recruits. >> during this trip i've had the chance to talk to people in city and towns all over america. >> reporter: the bike trip was organized by the long road home project. founder casey miller says it's an organization designed to help warriors heal from the wounds of war and to raise money for the charities that help them. >> glenn over there is paralyzed basically from the shoulders down and almost a full quad and pedals exclusively with his arms across the country and he's riding for soldiers who haven't come home and people with ptsd. >> reporter: elizabeth dole was there to greet the bicyclists at a reception in their honor at the d.c.
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architecture center. >> i'm thrilled to be here. this is so exciting and it's something that's very much on my heart, what we can do for our wounded warriors and their families. >> reporter: the 90 day bike ride was filled with challenges. 10 blown tires each, collisions, riding 60 miles a day. steve taylor who did it all on a hand cycle said the generosity of people across the country is what kept him going. >> we were having trouble getting tires for our bikes and ours is a different size. they're not in any bike store. so the next morning there was a box full of 10 tires and 10 tubes. >> reporter: now the 4,200- mile journey that started in washington state on july 15th has ended in washington d.c. bush them has one more -- bushnell has one more mission, delivering a petition to capitol hill with 14,006 signatures calling for a congressional investigation into the lackland scandal. >> my heart is healed.
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i have a better perspective on what americans think about our veterans and how they feel about the care given to our wounded warriors and that was really healing for someone like me who has been withdrawn for quite a while. >> this was the first ride for the long road home project, but it certainly won't be the last. in fact, plans are already in the works for the next one. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. coming up there wasn't a dry eye in the house for dozens of friends and families in d.c. today. just ahead the heart warming homecoming for 70 soldiers deployed in afghanistan. that's next when the news continues.
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friends and family members and loved ones reunited as 70 members of the d.c. national guard returned home to the u.s. they were deployed in afghanistan the past 10 months. fox 5's lauren demarco was there for the welcoming party. >> with technology like skype you have the family members
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today saying they've been able to keep in fairly regular contact with their loved ones overseas, but nothing compares to seeing them in person safe and sound on american soil. >> i'm excited. >> reporter: michael salas says 10 months is long, but he understands why his dad, sergeant edwin lariano, had to go to afghanistan. >> it's bad because i don't get to see him in person. it's good because he's helping us with our troops. >> reporter: military mom bess lee eagerly awaiting her daughter. she says it's something she's well familiar with as all three of them are u.s. service members. >> that was an option in my house. they were going to go to school because didn't have the time to. not military, i never dreamed of it. >> reporter: the troops arriving at the d.c. armory are among 270 members.
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they provided security, logistics and other crucial services while stationed near kabul. as the buses pulled up and family members were reunitedded, an outpouring of emotion -- reunited, an outpouring of emotion. f emotio >> baby girl! [ cheering and applause ] >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> feels good, feels good to be home. >> reporter: was it a long time coming? >> yes. >> reporter: they said that they are very proud of you. >> i'm proud of them for supporting me while i was gone. >> it's surreal. i can't believe i'm back home and safe and i'm so happy, really happy. >> undescribable. >> reporter: specialist girard even came bearing gifts. >> this is beautiful.


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